• Be Impressive

    Each of us has a unique superpower, a particular way we see and make things happen in our world. It’s what we do when called to action.


    Whether it's business, sports, music, art or politics, our superpower allows us to find our best moves, opportunities and go-to people.


    My superpower is Strategic Vision. Where other people see barriers and complication I see opportunity and alignment- how to cut through the crap, connect the dots and create something amazing. In other words, I take people and their projects to the next level.


    Of course no-one is super all the time. Everyday distractions and the isolation of success obscure and dull our feelings of super-ness and our ability to call on it. The remedy is inspiration and it’s up to us to find it.


    Growing up in Toronto, my hero’s were surfers and I longed for a life by the ocean. At the age of sixteen, I rode my first wave on vacation in Hawaii. True inspiration is an emotional experience. An impression on the very part of you that believes who you are. The moment I stood on that wave surfing became a part of me and the way I go through the world.


    The most successful people I know are constantly finding inspiration and impressing it on themselves. This ability to integrate change is the real secret to success.


    Find inspiration. Know your superpower. Be impressive.



    Perry Gladstone helps leaders do their best work in the world.


    From CEO's and NGO's to rock stars and developing countries, Perry has coached, advised and delivered million-dollar brands, powerful movements and break-through achievements around the world.

    In private consultation, kick-ass workshops and his exclusive mastermind group, Perry will give you the clarity and insight you need to break through any barrier and create the life in business you truly want.



    Before formalizing his advising career, Perry founded ten successful companies in the action sports, media and entertainment industries including; Limited Snowboards, Brand & Tonic Inc., and Four Ways Films. He is a former record holder in the sport of Freediving, author of FAST & HOT; How To Open Hearts, Win Minds and Create a Better Life in Business, co-founder of the SOMOS Foundation, de facto Mayor of Costa Ballena, Costa Rica and a celebrated recording artist under the name Prince Perry.

    When not surfing, singing, paragliding or coaching you can find him on the beach with his wife and son thinking about what makes good things better.


    When we commit to the experience and not the result

    we allow ourselves to find the change we seek.

    This is how we learn to be our own heroes.

    - Perry Gladstone

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    "A punchy, confident sound that could fill any dance floor”-Exclaim Magazine

    Channeling his coming of age idols Elvis Costello, Terry Hall and Joe Strummer, Prince Perry is fresh and yet familiar, leaving you feeling like it’s not too late to be happy with your life.



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